Why did I start Away From The Ordinary?

28th January 2018

Well as Oprah once said “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” Since I’ve always been passionate and excited by Scotland and travel it made perfect sense to start a Scottish travel business. Ever since I was a kid growing up in the very remote Highlands of Scotland I have thought Scotland was stunning and been amazed by the stories my dad would tell me of Bonnie Prince Charlie, Robert the Bruce, William Wallace and all the tales of ghosts and the fairies that lived up the glen. I still remember thinking in my wee 5-year-old brain that these places were beautiful, awe-inspiring and mysterious. After travelling around the world a couple of times as an adult and living in various countries, I am even more amazed by the places I grew up.

While travelling I have always promoted Scotland, telling people what to see, where to go, and sharing a few secret places too. I’ve been the go-to person for friends, colleagues and clients for places to visit, eat and stay in other countries too, as I have an insatiable appetite to find the best restaurants, experiences and hotels wherever I go.

You’re aware of all the history there is in Scotland but what about Scotland’s more recent evolution? For example it wasn’t that long ago that Scottish food was to be honest, a bit of a joke. But over the last 20 years it has evolved to a point where it not only does great food with French influences, it’s now so confident and comfortable in its own skin that many restaurants are cooking amazing Scottish ingredients in a modern Scottish way.

I have that rare perspective of someone who sees Scotland through a native’s eyes and also through a visitor’s eyes and I want to share everything I know and love about Scotland with you so that you can have the best vacation there. My role is to curate the best that Scotland has to offer for you but essentially, the aim of Away From The Ordinary is to ensure that you fall in love with Scotland and experience it like an insider.