Amazing Meal at Castle Terrace, Edinburgh

27th February 2018

It is well known that starting a new business is stressful, I can personally attest to that and so can my grey hairs. I have countless to-do lists, lots of people to meet, and decisions to make (such as what fonts look best in adverts – “As so long as it isn’t Comic Sans” apparently isn’t the right answer). The reason I mention this is to give you some context to my frame of mind when I walked into Castle Terrace for lunch last month. My incredible wife, who is helping me with Away From The Ordinary while maintaining a full-time job, and I were rushing around meeting with various people and trying to do too much in too little time. So how is it possible that we walked into Castle Terrace, stressed, tired and thinking about our next appointment but then we walked out relaxed and having had one of the best meals of our lives.

Castle Terrace is the sister restaurant to The Kitchin in Leith which holds a Michelin star so you have your benchmark for quality right there. However I have eaten in Michelin starred restaurants before and while the food is always great, some of them feel formulaic and as if they are going through the motions. This was not at all the case at Castle Terrace. The service from all the staff, including Max the general manager, was impeccable while remaining personable, faultless and charming.

We did the food and wine pairing menu where Joel the sommelier took us on a journey with each glass. I never knew that you could get Pinot Noir in Bulgaria and much less so that I would love it. The food was fantastic, starting from the playful amuse bouche with Arbroath Smokie (traditional Scottish smoked fish) mousseline with a mango centre that looked like a quails egg, all the way to the desserts.

It was one of those rare meals where everything exceeded expectations and there was that perfect marriage of warm, personable, ultra professional service with truly delicious and surprising food.

NOTE: All Away From The Ordinary clients can be assured of an extra warm welcome when visiting any of the three restaurants in the group; Castle Terrace, The Kitchin or Scran and Scallie.