Follow Me To… Edinburgh

28th February 2018


I have been many times to Edinburgh since I was a child and it is one of the most beautiful and fairytale-like cities in the world. Very recently my wife Morgan and I went to research more in-depth the best that the city has to offer. Meeting amazing people that work in tourism, drinking whisky from closed distilleries, dining in the finest restaurants and touring the most beautiful and secret parts of the city on your behalf. It’s all part of the sacrifices we’re prepared to make here at Away From The Ordinary to ensure that you have the most amazing time when you come to Scotland.



Food & Drink


Family members ben, jo, abi, lisa & andrew & the team will welcome you to timberyard, an authentic brick warehouse with a south facing yard for sunny days & a wood burning stove for colder nights. There they cook ingredients carefully sourced from local artisan growers, breeders, producers, suppliers & foragers.



This restaurant has a beautiful old-world atmosphere in a candlelit baroque room located in a 16th-century house near the castle.



Cadenheads is the best whisky shop in Edinburgh and you can take home a unique souvenir from one of their 5 living casks. There is a strong connection between my family and Cadenheads so do remember to tell them I sent you.

 There are many other amazing restaurants in Edinburgh to suit all tastes that we recommend and book our clients into.




A beautiful and luxurious Boutique Hotel that has a fantastic Scottish feel to it and some very cool Orkney influences. They are doing it right and it’s a personal favourite.




A large 5* hotel in the centre of Edinburgh with impeccable service and a great location. The clock outside is always 3 minutes fast just so you don’t miss your train.

There are many luxury hotels in Edinburgh to suit all tastes that we recommend and book for our clients.


Tours & Site-Seeing


I’ve been going to Edinburgh since I was a child and Mini Mack Tours showed me places I didn’t know existed. A fantastic private tour of the hidden side of Edinburgh with one of the Mackie brothers who take you around in a mini cooper. Highly recommended and great fun.



A warren of hidden streets frozen in time since the 17th Century. You will be led on an hour-long fully guided tour through the uniquely preserved streets and spaces.