The Away From The Ordinary Whisky Club

15th March 2018


As well as our main business focussing on luxury travel to Scotland, Away From The Ordinary also has a whisky club which buys casks, organises whisky weekends in Scotland and runs events and tastings.

Later this year we will start to buy our first casks filled with new make spirit where members can own a share in the cask and once matured we will bottle our own whiskies. Each member will then have their own exclusive bottles. Every year we will select a cask from a different region and distillery to keep things interesting.

Away From The Ordinary organises exclusive small group whisky weekends in Scotland where we visit distilleries, do tastings at the distilleries and talk to the people that make this beloved spirit. The next weekend is in Speyside in November.

The whisky tastings that we organise are mostly in London and have different themes, some past themes have been ‘Old & Rare’, ‘Around the World in 6 Whiskies’ and ‘The Influence of the Cask’.  We had two great tastings in February with Jason Julier, the co-founder of and we will be scheduling other tastings and events throughout the year.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to know more about joining the Away From The Ordinary whisky club.